Barqraftar: Pakistan's cutting-edge logistics, powered by tech for faster, smoother deliveries.

Terms of Service listed below:

  • You are responsible for packing your goods. Please make sure your product is properly packed. Ensuring the safety during their transit as per nature of the goods. Any damage to the product due to poor packaging will not be our responsibility.
  • Cash Collected on behalf of merchant will be paid within 2 days of delivery made
  • No shipment processed under COD Procedure is insured by BarqRaftar unless the merchant has specifically opted for Insurance,
  • If shipment volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, shipment weight will be calculated as follows:
  • Height (cm)X Width (cm) X Length (cm) 5000
  • In case if a customer refuses to accept the shipment due to any reason, that shipment will be returned to the merchant against a new consignment note and return charges of Rs. 100 will be charged.
  • Shipments will be picked up if booked from BarqRaftar Customer Portal or API Service only.
  • Minimum chargeable weight is 2 kg.
  • A separate account must be opened for COD shipments.
  • All Package(s) will be booked individually and sent to the given address for delivery.
  • BarqRaftar delivers package(s) to any person available at a given address after getting his/her signature name and relationship with the consignee and collection of COD amount as mentioned on the package(s) regardless of business or residential address.
  • BarqRaftar will try to establish contact with the consignee before going for delivery to make sure availability of the receiver and COD amount.
  • In case contact is not established with the buyer/receiver, delivery will be attempted at the given address and if the address found closed, a message will be Forward by representative and a second attempt will be made the very next day. Before attempting, BarqRaftar will again try to establish contact with the buyer/receiver. If second attempt is still unsuccessful, package(s) will be returned to Client
  • In case of self-collection by the consignee, the package(s) will be handed over to the consignee after getting his/her signature on delivery sheet and collection of COD amount.
  • In case of any change in information of consignee, e.g. address or name, designated persons of Clients are authorized to make all changes in address or receiver’s name. No BarqRaftar staff is authorized to alter/change in address for delivery purpose.
  • BarqRaftar will not allow its couriers to open any package(s) before delivery for any purpose.
  • In case, if consignee fails to produce required cash at the time of delivery, shipment will not be delivered & returned to Clients and two ways courier charges would be billed for all such shipments.
  • All shipments will be re-booked with new consignment in case of re-ordering for the same consignee.
  • BarqRaftar will depute dedicated staff at their head office for quick resolution of complaints. The staff will facilitate Clients on the following;
  • Resolution of all queries within 24 to 48 hours (Working days only).
  • Sending booking, delivery and reconciliation reports (if required).
  • BarqRaftar will maintain records relevant to a package(s) up to 365 days only from the date of booking/delivery. After this period, BarqRaftar will charge to produce any information regarding the shipment.
  • BarqRaftar will deposit the collected amount into a bank account.
  • Payment day can be decided /changed with mutual consent.

BarqRaftar will reimburse the payment after adjustment of Its Service Charges.

  • Rs.15/- per flyer charges will be applied (Small and Medium)
  • Fuel Adjustment Factor Applied (FAF)
  • Above rates are inclusive of
    1. Dedicated customer care support at BarqRaftar.
    2. System integration/modifications.
    3. Cash management and reimbursement.
  • Above rates are exclusive of
    1. Fuel Charges.
    2. GST as per Government law.
    3. Insurance coverage of cash in transit and product/ items.
  • Any government taxes, such as the General Sales Tax, and/or applicable impositions on the services shall be included in the BarqRaftar charges/monthly invoice for payment